Est. 2019

About Us

Our Mission: Revealing Excellence. Highlighting Character.

Who We Are

Here at Modest Muscle, we believe that modesty opens doors to endless opportunities. In a world thriving on using promiscuity and manipulation to get what it wants, we’re here to shine light on those who let their integrity and character do the talking. We believe that modesty is a gift that allows us to present those around us with the beauty of our character – before they get distracted by the beauty of our physiques.

Like a sculptor refining his masterpiece, we believe in putting in the work that it takes to achieve the end result we desire… all the while saving our grand reveal for the right time.

Modesty isn’t a rule, it isn’t mandatory, and it looks different for every person. It’s situational, individually defined, and the heart behind the person presenting it is a major factor. So whether you choose to show it all, or you choose to cover up; in an industry that favors showing everything, Modest Muscle exists to recognize character FIRST. We want to honor and celebrate every amazing physique – but even more than that, we’re here to celebrate the person underneath the physique; and all the hard work they put into building it. People doubt that this change can happen within this industry, but we’re here to tell you that this movement has already begun.

Revealing Excellence.


Highlighting Character.

How We Do It


Stop the crash diets, the crazy amounts of cardio, and the roller coaster results. Our personal training will show you exactly how to change your body – and faster than you ever thought possible. We’ve helped hundreds of people sculpt the bodies of their dreams, and we’re confident that we can help you, too!


Whether you choose to cover your physique or show it off, in an industry that favors one side, Modest Muscle Mvmt is here to give respect and recognition to BOTH. We celebrate the physique – but even more than that, we celebrate the person underneath (and all the hard work they put into building it). People have tried to convince us that this change can’t happen in this industry. We’re here to tell you that the movement has already begun.


Our apparel can be worn to make a statement inside the gym or out on the streets. The bold messages are meant to celebrate any and every way of making Jesus’ name known! The quality of our apparel is premium; with unmatched softness and loud messages, our clothes will quickly become some of your favorite closet essentials!

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