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In-Person Sessions

We’re happy to announce that the Modest Muscle Lead PT, Anna Quinn, is now offering speciality sessions and form workshops in person for anyone looking for a more detailed, hands on approach.


Intensive Training

Get 60-90 minutes of intensive training, in-person, with Modest Muscle Lead PT, Anna Quinn. Sessions can be scheduled 1-2x each month.

Anna Quinn, personal trainer

Form Assesments

Choose an area of focus and specify what you are hoping to receive from the session. We’ve listed some of the speciality sessions Anna is servicing below.


Online Coaching Discount

If you want a customized program to follow in-between sessions, you’ll receive a discount on our 1:1 Online Coaching.

Choose Your Focus

Choose an area of focus and specify what you are hoping to receive from the session. We’ve listed some of the speciality sessions Anna is servicing below:

Glute Optimization

Anna will assess the clients form with several glute-dominant exercises, and adjust the clients form based on their anatomy to get optimal glute engagement. She’ll point out any imbalances and help the client correct them, as well as educate them on the essential exercises they need to include in their training to reach their glute goals.

Joint Saver Sessions

These sessions will be specifically targeted for anyone who has joint pain. Whether it’s knees, elbows, shoulders, etc, Anna will assess the clients form and make adjustments to take the pressure off of the joints and redirect it to the muscle the client is trying to engage.

Pelvic Floor / Core Correction

The primary focus of this session will be to re-engage the clients pelvic floor (and get them to use their abs more). Anna will assess the clients form in common ab exercises (planks, leg drops etc), and make adjustments to the clients form to get more core activation throughout the movement. This is not only great for any moms who may have suffered minimal diastasis recti, but also for anyone who experiences pain in their low back.

Stretching and Conditioning

Anna will take the client through a stretching / conditioning routine based on their unique goals, pains, and exercise regimen. The client is encouraged to take videos and notes during this session and implement this into their regular routine.

Get better results
with better form.


Where do the In-Person Sessions take place?

The location of your session will be discussed upon booking. If travel is required, the date of your session may need  to be adjusted. Otherwise, you and your trainer will agree on a location in Dallas prior to your session.

Do I need special equipment?

No, just bring yourself and a good attitude! We also recommend bringing a notebook to record any notes or information you learn during the session.

How long is an In-Person session?

In person sessions will last 60-90 minutes depending on the nature of session, difficulty correcting/ learning movements, etc.

No matter what I do, my glutes never grow - I always just feel it in my quads. Can you help with that?

Absolutely! Anna’s speciality is glute-engagement. She’ll be able to identify the form infractions and adjust accordingly. You can also check out our 6 week Glute Camp.

Do I need a gym membership?

No! If you don’t have a gym membership we will gladly provide you with multiple location options for your training session.

What happens in a session?

Your trainer will take you through a movement screening to identify any imbalances or weak points, discuss your goals with you, modify form, and give you guidelines for your training and nutrition moving forward.

Do In-Person sessions including nutrition coaching?

No, but your trainer will be more than happy to answer any questions you have about nutrition during your session! If you are interested in ongoing training, including nutrition coaching, check out 1:1 Online Training.

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