A program for your postpartum journey

Baby, Got Back!

Six Week Challenge with benefits

A 6-Week Postpartum Workout Guide

“Baby, Got Back” is a 6-week interactive workout program designed to help new moms rebuild muscle & endurance, repair and develop core & pelvic floor strength, and find balance again— not just in their workouts, but in their new lives as well.

What’s Included


3x a week workouts (home or gym)


Customized macros & a meal guide based on your body type


Supplement recommendations based on your current needs and/or nursing demands


24/7 access to the Modest Muscle app


Unlimited support via group chat from coach Anna and the other BGB participants!


7 weeks of app access and downloadable workouts (so you can continue doing them after the program ends)

Cost: Only $97

A postpartum program created by a mom, for moms!

My water broke at 18 weeks; I was on bed rest for 4 months, I didn’t get as big as most women do because I delivered at 31 weeks. That may seem like an advantage to some, but after 7+ years as a personal trainer working out 5-6 days a week… I felt defeated by the time on bed rest. I was losing muscle and gaining fat and there wasn’t anything I could do about it other than try my best to make healthy choices with my nutrition and get back into the gym as soon as I was allowed.

As I sat in that hospital room for 2 months, I researched. I brushed up on my prenatal and postpartum certifications, I consulted with pelvic floor therapists and lactation specialists, and I started designing a program for new moms to help them get back into working out after giving birth…

When I was finally cleared by my doctor to start working out again, I realized the demands of the programming I had created were too much. Feedings, nursing, burping, naps, doctor’s appointments… it was all SO much.

I could barely find time to cook my meals or sleep, never mind trying to get in 4 workouts a week. I adjusted the program accordingly and finally, after months of refining… am FINALLY releasing the finished product: Baby, Got Back!

Whether you had a healthy pregnancy or not, whether you made good choices with nutrition and working out or not: you’re here now. You birthed a human. You brought LIFE into the world. That life depends on you; it feeds off your energy – heck, it takes all your energy! This program was designed to give you minimal schedule requirements while still providing maximum results!

With 3x a week home or gym workouts, every week of this program gets progressively harder as your muscle memory kicks in and your body remembers how to workout! On week 3 we’ll test your strength and on week 6 we’ll retest to see how much strength you’ve gained.

I’ll be there in the group chat among the other participants to help adjust your macros based on your individual needs and encourage you through the journey!

We believe that we’ve covered all the bases – but if there’s something you feel is missing, let us know! We’re on your team and happy to help. If you’re ready to join the family, click “Sign Up Now” to get started!

Anna Quinn
Founder of Modest Muscle

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