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Backed by the top national certifications and continuing education, our coaches are eager to help you transform your physique.

We take an inside-out approach to helping you reach your fitness goals. Let’s face it…even if the workouts are on point, if the mindset isn’t, the results don’t always follow!

Our coaches are here to encourage, educate, and motivate our clients with information, accountability, and hands down the BEST coaching experience EVER – and that’s no exaggeration.

Anna Quinn, personal trainer

Anna Quinn

Founder of Modest Muscle & Lead PT


  • NASM
  • ACE
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1
Anna Quinn, personal trainer

Anna Quinn, a nationally certified personal trainer for 7 years and counting, started her fitness journey with the sole intent of growing her glutes. She got certified through NCCPT, but her quest for knowledge soon led her to many more national certifications (including NASM, ACE, and numerous other speciality certifications). She also obtained a Level 1 Nutrition Certification through Precision Nutrition.

Her corporate world training journey started at Gold’s Gym in San Antonio, and ended at Lifetime Fitness in Dallas. Four years later, with a high demand and a loyal clientele, Anna started her own company as an independent personal trainer (Anna Quinn Fitness), training out of a private gym in Garland, Texas called “The Compound”.

A little over a year into her independent training career, Anna decided to expand her reach by offering online personal training. She hired a mentor to help her get started, and within weeks had 15 new clients online – all in different states, and all getting incredible results. She continued to refine her online coaching experience, providing form critiques via video assessments, doing video check-ins with her clients, and offering all of the workouts through a custom branded app. Soon after, she shifted her coaching business from “Anna Quinn Fitness” to “Modest Muscle”, and has now built a 3 person team to help insure her clients get the MOST accountability and encouragement there is to offer. From daily text messaging with her clients, one on one video chats, and weekly progress pictures & reports, Anna is now able to reach MORE people, and provide them with MORE accountability than ever before.

Although there are many approaches to reaching your fitness goals, Anna doesn’t isolate one single approach as best. She gets to know her client, looks at their current lifestyle / workout regimen, gets a clear understanding of their goals, and then creates a program to best suit each client. This individualized approach is why Anna’s clients are able to get (and keep!) such amazing results. With over a thousand documented transformations and testimonials, her credibility as a knowledgeable trainer, coach, and friend stands strong. Anna attributes all of her success in the industry to her hard work, her thirst for knowledge, and her reliance on Jesus Christ. She continues to train clients, hoping to improve as many lives as she can – from the inside, out.

Tessa scaled

Tessa Hemby

Nutrition Coach & PT


  • Precision Nutrition Level 1
  • NASM

Tessa started her journey with fitness back in 2012, and 3 years later she became a CPT at Lifetime Fitness. Her passion and motivation stemmed from her desire to break free from her eating disorder. The harder she tried to “get back on track” the farther she fell into the diet trap. She decided to learn more about the nutrition aspect of fitness, macros, and eventually became a certified nutrition coach! Since Tessa is a mother herself, she knows how busy life can get with taking care of little humans, so instead of creating a caloric deficit through hours of exercise that most mom’s just don’t have the time for, she likes to focus on overall daily movement and developing a healthy relationship with food. She loves helping her clients understand how important eating a variety of whole foods (with the occasional brownie or bowl of ice cream!) is for a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Tessa has been working with Modest Muscle since the beginning of 2019 and has been a crucial member of the team. She loves coming up with new and exciting ways to teach clients how to improve their nutrition and take things to the next level!

Coach Amber Eutsey

Amber Eutsey

Total Transformation Specialist & Athletic Conditioning Coach

Meet Amber Eutsey, one of our Total Transformation Specialists. With a background in all things sports beginning at the age of four (including basketball, soccer, track/cross country, rugby, motocross, and equestrian), Amber made the switch to bodybuilding in 2014. This decision literally saved her life; and the massive transition she made ignited a newfound passion and focus within her for helping others with their health and fitness goals. Amber studied with multiple commercial gyms before obtaining her first national personal training certification through NAFC.

For the past 6 years she has dedicated her time to learning as much as she can about all things encompassing health: physical, mental and spiritual. She is a firm believer that every piece plays an intricate role in how healthy you are. Amber prioritizes incorporating each aspect into her program design in order to get each client to their ultimate fitness goal. With that being said…she is SOOOOOO EXCITED TO WORK WITH YOU!

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We are constantly looking to add new trainers / coaches to our team. Whether you have a speciality (like power-lifting, life-coaching, nutrition, CES, etc) or just want to be a part of the Modest Muscle Mvmt, we’re always accepting applications and would love the chance to get to know a little bit more about you!

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